American Plant Products & Services
9200 N.W. 10th, Oklahoma City, OK

(405) 787-4833 | FAX (405) 789-2352 | Toll Free 1-800-522-3376


American Plant Products and Services, Inc. is a supplier of quality greenhouses and has experience in the design, integration and installation of growing systems and structures to meet the specific needs of commercial growers, universities, research facilities, schools and retailers. We offer a wide variety of greenhouse structure frames including:

Freestanding Houses

Cold Frames

  • Small, lightweight barrel type
  • 12', 14', 16' & 20' wide
  • 10' peak or lower
  • Used to overwinter or propagate nursery stock
  • Start bedding plants
  • Economical
  • Not best house for year
    round or intensive production



  • Barrel type houses
  • 14' to 35' wide
  • Varying heights & designs
  • Traditional started house
  • Ground to ground or raised wall (most have low working height sidewall at outside edge)
  • Perfect design for double poly roof glazing system
  • Should only be considered for 1-6 house operations due to high heating, cooling & labor cost
  • Usually lighter weight, subject to frame damage from high wind and unbalanced snow loads


GUTTER CONNECTED or Freestanding Houses


  • Barrel top type houses with gutters at connection between houses & at outside eaves
  • 17' to 42' wide
  • 8' gutter clearance height or higher
  • Most economical type of multiple house greenhouse
  • These houses are great for double poly roofs or you can add additional purlins & glaze with Polygal or fiberglass
  • Stronger frames can support extra snow & ice
  • Roof vents available at the gutter for some houses

Rigid Peak

  • Also known as ridge & furrow
  • Roof runs in straight lines from the gutters or eaves to a center ridge line
  • 14' to 52' wide
  • 8' gutter clearance height or higher with gutter to ridge height that is 1/8-1/4 to greenhouse width
  • Usually the strongest wind & snow load houses available
  • Vents available for 1 or both sides of the ridge which allows best passive ventilation
  • Effectively uses and glazing or covering material except polyethylene film
  • Least problem with condensation drip due to pitch of roof
  • Considered the best looking & most "greenhouse" like style-many used for retail houses
  • Most investment cost initially, however, when correctly designed have the lowest operating cost


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