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Shade Houses are usually bare bone structures which provide support for Shade Cloth or frost protection fabric. Structures vary from cold frames to flat top structures 8' or higher. These houses are used to extend the growing season or provide better quality growing conditions. Warning: These structures are generally not designed to support any ice or snow load.

Shade Cloth is a necessity for summer use of a greenhouse in many parts of the country and for maximum productivity of many crops. There are many types of shading fabrics available that vary in the amount of shading and heat reflection they provide. In addition to filtering sunlight, some fabrics can help create a controlled climate that results in humidity and temperature stability.


Woven Shade Cloth Knitted Shade Cloth
  • 100% Polypropylene - Black in color
  • Used for Shade, Solar heat protection, Wind screen or Visual barrier or fencing
  • Shade Levels: 30%, 47%, 51% 55%, 63%, 73% & 80%
  • 6', 10’ & 12’ standard widths available
  • Available in custom sizes-can be fabricated to almost any length & width
  • Can be taped & grommeted on the perimeter edges
  • Available in many colors, widths & shade percentages
  • Used for Shade, Windbreak, Solar Heat Protection, Screening or Netting
  • Lightweight & easy to attach
  • Custom sizes available
  • Long service life



Ludvig Svenson Shade Fabric
  • Aluminized shade fabric - aluminum strips sewn into polyester or polyethylene film
  • Reflects sunlight and heat - keeps greenhouse 10º-14ºF cooler than other shade fabrics
  • Fabrics that can be used inside or outside the greenhouse
  • Resists condensation
  • Also used for Heat Retention Blankets
  • Available, by special order, in a variety of widths & shade percentages
Shade Systems

Our greenhouse team can design automated or manual systems for moving large or small areas of greenhouse shade, photo period & thermal blanket coverings to fit your needs.







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