Supplies & Products

American Plant Products & Services
9200 N.W. 10th, Oklahoma City, OK

(405) 787-4833 | FAX (405) 789-2352 | Toll Free 1-800-522-3376


Belden Hanging Gardens
Duraco Pots & Window Boxes
Jiffy Peat Pots & Trays
Kadon Nursery Flats
ITML Pots, Inserts & Flats
Haviland Nursery Cans
Oasis Growing Medium
Root Control Growing Bags
T.O. Plastics Pots & Trays
Texas Wire Baskets
Western Pulp Pots

Cooling & Ventilating Systems

Kool Cel & Celdek Cooling Pads
Sump Tanks & Pumps
Aluminum & Steel Exhaust Fans
Acme Fan Jets & Convection Tubes
Horizontal Air Flow (HAF) Fans
Motorized Air Inlet Shutters
Rack & Pinion Vents & Vent Controllers
Fog Systems


Potassium Nitrate
Calcium Nitrate
Miscellaneous Fertilizer
Osmocote Slow Release Fertilizers
Iron Chelate & Trace Elements
Sulphuric Acid
Phosphoric Acid

Fertilizer Injectors

Dosmatic 10, 30, & 40 GPM Proportioners
H.E. Anderson Single, Multi and Computerized Injectors
Hozon Siphonex

Films & Glazing

Anti-Condensate Films
Infared Plastic Films
Tufflite 1 & 4 Year Copolymer Films
Clear, Black & White Poly Films
Corrugated Polycarbonate Panels
Polygal 8mm Polycarbonate Structured Sheets


Interior Foilage Plants

Garden Center

Ferti-lome & Hi-Yield
Animal & Rodent Repellent Products
Bird Feed, Feeders & Accessories
Bark & Mulches
Landscaping Supplies
Rock & Granular
Seeds & Plants
Sprayers & Watering


Grass Seed

Greenhouse Frames

AgraTech / Conley
National / Nexus
PolyTex / Golden Pacific

Greenhouse Accessories

Agra-Lock & Wiggle Wire Poly Fastening Systems
Aluminum Extrusion Glazing Systems
Stationary, Rolling & Ebb and Flow Bench Systems
Inflation Fans & Accessories
Shade Cloth Support Structures

Growers Chemicals

Fulex Smoke Bombs
Whitmire Total Release Aerosols
Growth Regulators
Yellow & Blue Sticky Strips

Growing Media

Redi-Earth, Metro-Mix Soil Mixes
Berger Soil Mixes
Spaghnum Peat Moss
Processed Fine Pine Bark
Grodan Rockwool

Heating Systems

Modine Gas & Propane Unit Heaters
BioTherm Floor, Slab & Heat Systems


pH Meters & Solutions
Soluble Salts Meters & Solutions
Light Meters


Propagating Mats & Controls
Mist Nozzles
BioTherm Propagating Systems
Hormex Rooting Powder
Grodan Rockwool Cubes & Slabs
Oasis Rootcubes & Horticubes
Jiffy Peat Pots, Jiffy 7 & Jiffy 9 Pellets

Shading Products

Ludvig Svensson Aluminzed Polyester Fabric
Woven & Knitted Shade Products
Aluminet Shade Cloth
Wadsworth Motorized Push-Pull Shade Systems
Wadsworth, AgraTech, Conley & Ludvig Svensson
Energy Curtain Systems



Sprayers & Foggers

Dramm Electric Sprayers
Pump Up Sprayers
Electric & Gas Power Sprayers
ESS Electrostatic Sprayers
Dramm Pulsfog, Autofog & Coldfoggers


Twine, Hooks & Bunch Supports
Twine Vine Clips
Miracle Tie Rolls
Max Tapener
Bamboo Stakes

Thermostats & Environmental Controllers

1 & 2 Stage Thermostats
Sensaphone Dialers
Temp Alert High & Low Temperature Sensors
Maximum - Minimum Thermometers
Standard Thermometers & Hygrometers
Wadsworth STEP UP & STEP 50 Controllers
VersiSTEP & Envirostep Computer Controllers
Argus Computer Controls

Vegetable Products

Row Cover
Mulch Film
Reemay Protective Fabric

Vineyard Supplies

Clipper Tubes
Netafim Irrigation
Shears & Tools
Fungicides & Pesticides

Watering Equipment

Chapin & Netafim Twin Wall Hose
Spray Tubes, Spray Stakes & Dribble Rings
Weighted Tubes & Poly Pipe
In-Line & Button Emitters
Drip Irrigation Systems
Solenoid Valves, Filters & Pressure Regulators
Timers & Controllers










This represents a sampling of the many products and featured brands that we carry. For a more extensive listing, please visit the Online Catalog. If you are unable to locate a specific item, contact us and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.



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