Hydroponics is the growing of plants without soil. The plant’s roots grow in moist or humid air, using a water and fertilizer solution on an inert growing medium such as perlite or rockwool. Hydroponics technology has grown and developed beginning with scientific research that occurred in the 19th century. It has been recognized as a viable method of producing crops such as tomatoes, lettuce, cucumbers and peppers. Herbs, flowers and foliage plants can be raised using this method as well. The demand for hydroponically grown produce has rapidly increased in the last few years by consumers who want fresh, high quality produce year round.

Hydroponics Controlled Environmental Systems

American Plant Products can design and construct a controlled environment greenhouse specifically designed for hydroponic crops which is suited to your specific size, climate and growing preferences or provide qualified assistance and suitable equipment and supplies to convert your present greenhouse. A variety of greenhouses as well as heating, cooling and ventilation equipment; computerized environmental controls; automated nutrient injection systems; lighting; dehumidifiers and other optional features are available to equip your complete growing environment. We offer a variety of mediums in which to propagate and grow your crops:

Perlite Hydroponic Bags

Perlite is a physically stable and chemically inert product which supports a water soluble nutrient solution. It has an excellent record as an hydroponic growing media because of its freedom from pests, pathogens and weed seeds. Perlite bags are made of an opaque, white on black polyethylene bag containing one cubic foot of medium to coarse perlite. Seedlings are started in either peat pellets or rooting cubes, grown for 4-6 weeks and then placed into the perlite bags.

 Rockwool Medium

Rockwool is a natural mineral product spun from melted rock that makes a stable, totally inorganic and very effective water absorbing substrate. It provides a uniform supply of water and nutrients to the crop through its porous structure and dynamic capillary action. Rockwool is available in growing slabs, large blocks, small propagation blocks and granulates.

Hydroponics vs. Conventional Methods

Growing crops hydroponically allows greater control of the environment and the plant. A grower can schedule crops for seasonal demands as well as produce higher yields. Generally, produce is more uniform in size and is harvested at the peak of its taste and appearance. The controlled environment insures an optimum growing climate that is not subject to weather-related problems. The absence of soil alleviates many insect and disease problems and those that exist are easier to control through safe biological means. Water and fertilizer can be used more efficiently.