Here are links to PDFs of the different categories in our catalog. Stay tuned until we have our online catalog up and running!


Grower chemicals including growth regulators, herbicides, fungicides, water management, spreader stickers, rooting hormones smoke bombs, insecticides and more

Containers & Nursery Pots

Includes hanging baskets and hanger, peat pots, pulp pots, wire baskets, moss lined baskets, square and round grower pots, flats and inserts and nursery cans


Including Osmocote, water soluble, greenhouse grower and landscape grower fertilizers

Garden Center Chemicals

Contains retail chemical products in retail packaging

Garden Center Supplies

Includes tank heaters, retail soils and mediums, moss, vinyl saucers and caddies, traps and cages, retail gloves, retail shade cloth and retail ground cover

Greenhouses- Cooling & Ventilation

All your greenhouse cooling and ventilation needs, including exhaust fans, circulation fans, convection tubing, shutters and shutter motors, rack and pinions, cooling pads, distribution and return systems and more

Greenhouses- Glazing & Shade

Various greenhouse glazing and shade items, ranging from polycarbonate and acrylic sheets to fasteners and extrusions to row covers and shade cloth

Greenhouses- Heating, Lights & Controls

Here you can find various heaters with multiple power sources, vent stacks, computer controls, temperature controllers and thermostats, alarm systems and lighting equipment

Greenhouses- Structures, Parts & Benches

A vast array of greenhouse structures and frames, along with extrusions and other repair and replacement parts, as well as benches and accessories

Growing Accessories

This section contains accessories such as meters and soil testing equipment, thermometers, heating mats and controls, propagating chambers and plant sleeves

Growing Mix & Amendments

Here you will find grower mixes, both loose and compressed, peat moss, vermiculite, perlite, composts and manures, topsoils and sphagnum moss

Irrigation, Watering & Spraying- Growers’ Irrigation

Here you will find a more in depth view of specific irrigation products, such as twinwall hose and fittings, poly pipe and fittings, Uniram and fittings, injectors, pressure compensating and non-pressure compensating emitters, capilary mats, watering nozzles, pressure regulators and more

Irrigation, Watering & Spraying- Sprayers, Hoses & Nozzles

Includes a wide range of watering products including sprayers and foggers, fertilizer and chemical applicators, grower and consumer nozzles, breakers, shut off valves and water wands, water hoses, accessories, timers and sprinklers

Landscape & Mulches

Includes various styles of mulches and barks, bagged rock, ground cover fabric, landscape edging, grafting supplies and other items to fill your landscape and nurseryman needs

Plant Labels & Tags

Numerous styles of plant labels and tags, pencils and markers and garden center marketing coroplast signage and vinyl banners

Stakes & Plant Supports

A multitude of stake and plant supports, ranging from trellis and poles, tree and tomato protectors, tree ties and other support items

Tools & Equipment

All pertinent tools and equipment to get the job done right